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Summer Triangle

by Strummingbird Vegabond

backstage exclusive
1. WELCOME TO BLUE Words and music by Rebecca Kelley How do we feel more question what’s real more Heal more hear our voices soar From soul to sky can’t keep it all inside More than just getting by some day I’ll die Within the dark there’s always light Free the wrong to seize the right Realize the right’s not black and white But you see red you’ve lost your head Or was that love instead You’ve stepped through the black there’s no turning back Fade to blue it’s the ocean you’re turning to Because life sure is a puzzle but you’re at peace At least that’s what you thought you think You’d never ever see the light Without the darkness Calling on the telephone Reaching for something someone home As I proceed this canvas exits to the sea Cast off those cobwebs No need to huddle in your head The world’s turned dark but I know Your fire burns yellow it’ll get you through Welcome to Blue ‘Cause you know life sure is a puzzle But you’re at peace ‘cause you’re more of a survivor Than you thought you think Welcome to the blue You’ve got to the gold to get you through
2. DEFINITY INDEFINITELY Words and music by Rebecca Kelley Fleeting thoughts tying knots in Indefinity Grasp at shards parce the cards of fixed reality Indefinitely Our dreams they sweep Through darkest sleep They bend the things we see My eyes between what’s dark and seen Twist being, hold me separately Still desperately this being craves Connect me to infinity Direct me sweet divinity Yet hold me to the earthly things that be indefinitely I reach for what is soft yet held aloft Yet here for me to grasp I have only to ask With words succinct not what I think But what in every heart’s already known Sex color size cannot disguise The soul the sea in your eyes Just let it rise indefinitely We’re the thieves of life’s energy When we reap but we sow not If you believe your eyes, you’re caught In waking dreams in conscious streams In solid waves that carve out caves That rock the shore there’s always more They strip at life down to its core ‘Til it crumbles back to sea to rise again Indefinitely
I Wish I May 05:35
3. I WISH I MAY Words and music by Rebecca Kelley I wish I may I wish I might have this dream I wish tonight That all our little dreams come true It starts with me and it ends with you See those that have never known true love Don’t know what the lovers are talking of And if you say that you love me true Sometimes the filter on my heart Just doesn’t let it through There’s so much to fear in this old world Sometimes the cold wind blows can’t get my sails unfurled How to trust things will just turn out for the best And the reason for pain’s to learn happiness I ask why why why the water answers deep I ask how how how the waves they crash at my feet Then while you give me all your love I simply toss it back I could be basking in your light But all I see is black So wish for us on something grand That our love it is a rock that keeps us off of the sand And that all of those things that would tear us apart Crash into our bond and bounce back into dark I further wish that in the presence of doubt That our love has the strength to pull us back out And the maze through the hurt that destroys what I know Is just the long way to teach me how to let How to let it all go So ask why why why it’s in the depth of the sea And how how how is like an anchor on me And all of these questions are just weight on my back Your love is bathing me in riches all I see is what I lack I wish I may I wish I wish that I might Have this dream that I wish tonight
4. DREAMS IN DIGESTION Everything is as it ought to be right now I thought all my dreams were shatteredYet somehow you helped me find them still alive I had swallowed them to survive I thought they died Still not easy yet somehow Everything is as it ought to be right now With all of my dreams trapped in digestion Congested with years of Repeating questions What is life? What do I do? Build my own box with a point of view I did my best to watch it all turn to rubble The sweetest life of my dreams Will be still be filled with trouble And that’s a fact Limits you’ve had your way with me but now With my dreams alive I’ll find a way somehow If I was ever lost I still don’t think I’m found Yet everything is as it ought to be right now Feel the truth see the lies Can’t see myself through my own eyes Pluck those crystals from the dirt You’ve been waiting to be unearthed Turn all that pain to gainYou are rich from what you learned And when it’s your turn You will know that it was earned ‘Cause you got burned Limits you sure snuck up on me but now With my dreams alive I’ll find away somehow I was never lost I don’t need to be found ‘Cause everything is as it ought to be right now And that’s a fact
5. HARDEN THE RAIN Hyper-minding over-grinding never finding peace You listen to no one say “Hear me everyone” Well I hear the buzz for release Your skull is your prison don’t mind the pistons Pounding metal roof in your brain Thinking thoughts will take away the pain Thinking those thoughts solidifies the rain with nothing gained I wanted to reach for you reel for you heal for you But it all just went down the drain To insist would just harden the rain with nothing gained Here’s my bottomless bucket where away I will tuck it With a ticket for the midnight train Where it remains with some other Mistakes that I’ve made and couldn’t trade Oh how now to let the rain drain it all away A little bird came to me laughed with me Sang to me the bird said the real words between the lines It’s in the moment before the mind defines It’s the dawn before the sun’s rise It’s the path through the midnight said that bird Looking deep into my eyes it’s so easy just fly And you’ll be fine
6. MIND MISALIGNED Words and music by Rebecca Kelley For all love that lives and love that is lost For all that love gives And the cost of its loss Life teach me to live Love teach me to give Time teach me To love each moment Observe reserve persevere preserve Self-please if you have the nerve Give to love and love to give ‘Cause living without it gets expensive So what do you need And what do you feed And when is it ever enough How do you fill and what do you kill Inside with all this stuff Ain’t it so easy just to say life’s rough So hard to soften to find what is tough For every single yes There’s an endless list of nos For every single high There’s another side that’s low What do you know? Feed the will to live with the love you give To yourself and to everything else Put my mind aside it’s got me misaligned Forget what’s in my head Ask my heart instead Do you want to live? Yes I do yes I do How much can you give? Up to you up to you Let me take it from here I will proceed with care I know you have good intentions But you are trapped in convention If today were your last Would you spend it in the past
Nonsense 03:07
7. NONSENSE Words and music by Rebecca Kelley Won’t you break through reality Come to me Whatever common sense is Won’t you bring it to it’s knees Please tell me one and one equals three Don’t make it Make any sense to me We are not bound We are actually free Let’s play pretend And you can catch me In your web Change what’s real to me It’s one, two, three, four, five six Seven I just blinked and suddenly Found myself in heaven How could this be It was right in front of me Now that rationale It could kill you somehow ‘Tis the season to let reason Step aside and take a bow Give me a shake Make me wake Let’s eat cake Through the earthquake I’m possibly partly wrong But with a generous dose of right Which makes it all alright For you to come with me tonight
8. BRING IT ON SORROW Words and music by Rebecca Kelley Try to understand the master plan Or perhaps there isn’t one And we’re all afloat In a murky moat Between cliffs and barren sand Where is paradise Is it in your eyes Or is it inside of me Do I search for it Do I go within Or is it right where I am From boat to desert sand I’d rather walk upon dry land From the realms of extremes To find what’s in between But I go wandering In a delirious past I could be sauntering I must be moving too fast What did I miss in your eyes This came as such a surprise Did I lure you? Well you lured me too Did we move too fast?You think you know me Because of that You say your heart it isn’t free I say you let me down easy Now bring it on sorrow I won’t wait until tomorrow Let me lift you up not weigh you down You’ll make your way you know how I’ll be on my way now I give it all away From boat to desert sand I’d rather walk upon dry land Where touch is healing Loving is feeling Where I can lift you up I don’t weigh you down I’ll make my way I know how You’ll be on your way now I give it all away
9. NEVERCLEAR When did your heart Slip through the cracks Must have fell out A while back Did it bounce did it shatter Did you notice did it matter Now you’re free-er consience cleaner Without motion your emotion Drowning drinking Too much thinking Can cloud the mind Don’t walk away, run Escape at all costs You think oblivion is freedom But it’s your self you’ve lost If you notice you don’t care Your eyaes are open But no one’s in there Too much thinking Drugs and drinking Can cloud the mind So grab up your heart Take it back You’ve always Been right on track That’s just a brittle crust There’s part of you that doesn’t rust But too much thinking Drugs and drinking Never cleared the mind


Strummingbird Vegabond is: Rebecca Kelley (guitar, vocals), Britt Arnesen (bass), and Damien Margo (drums)

Official release is February 14, 2023 at Locals in Missoula. That will also be the digital distribution date for Spotify, etc. This is a sneak preview for my fans only!


released January 11, 2023

All songs words and music by Rebecca Kelley
Mixed by Damien Margo
Recorded September 21, 2022 at the Recording Center in Missoula, Montana by Rick Kuschel
Original cover art by Rebecca Kelley
Graphics and videos by Britt Arnesen


all rights reserved



Britt Arnesen Missoula, montana

Britt K. Arnesen is a Montana folksinger, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. She plays in the longtime Missoula band Pinegrass. Britt is originally from Juneau, Alaska.


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